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Omfg I can't believe you came back.

You are by far my favorite flash artist on newgrounds. Now I sound like a fanboy but your work is fantastic. Thanks for finally adding the next chapter, the scene switches were great. The battle was of course great. Then you topped it off with a surprise ending. Please just don't be too long with the next chapter. Newgrounds needs your talent to set things straight again Splash. This series alone is a must see.

Good Stuff

This series may just be one of the best flash on Newgrounds. No matter what anyone tells you, continue untill this is done. I have a good feeling about this one. May even go down in legend like so many artist before you. Hah! But seriously, keep up the good work. I hope to see more of this.

Even oldies are good.

Good stuff. Even the oldies from way back when are still good. This is a classic. I am surprised it isn't still in the top. Anyway, this is a must see for anyone who likes humor and violence.

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I hate 0 bombers.

No matter how much time you put into an good track there will always be haters. Dub-step isn't really for me but even a fool can tell this produced very nicely. You made it apparent that you know what you're doing. Break downs are on point and the track flows nicely. Good work.

DJFiendO responds:

Indeedly sir, and I appreciate that you even went outta your element (since dubstep isnt for you ;)) and reviewed my piece anyways. And, everyone can agree 'haters gonna hate'

Great Stuff

Right off the back you set us into this atmospheric world with a perfect blend of a string pad and bells. I love the movement of the bell sound as well. A very nice touch. Then we get hit with the breaks, beautifully sequenced and mastered might I add. We can't forget the synth. Simple yet it gets the job done. This portion alone already had me hooked.

Then the DnB kicks it. The sound is just so raw and fits perfectly with the first part. The bells began to sound like a piano which is what I believe they were all along but the fx made it seem different. The only real problem I had with it was some EQ mastery on the bells (I hear a little too much ringing but that could just be my headphones.) and I wanted some more drum transitions. Overall the track is amazing. I am going to vote it a 5 so you can give us more. Please do so.

Great Work

The time put into your music really shows. It truly is a breathe of fresh air. Thanks for sharing.

SolusLunes responds:

I do try. :D

Just promise me you will always stay true to your art.

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